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ABOUT redXgreetings

redXgreetings produces a variety of direct & unique expression greeting cards. 

· Each greeting card Includes 1 white envelope with red foil lining and our signature red X "kiss" printed across the seal.

· Visuals are produced and designed by our own collaborative of amazing artists.

· Each greeting card comes in a protective clear cello sleeve, resealable

· Our cards are made in the USA and Produced with Passion

  • For all those who are different. 
  • For all those whose personality cannot fit into the mold of an average society. 
  • We exist because of you. We exist for you and, of course, for your distinguished taste.
  • Our offerings are versatile, but also truly unique. On our web site, you will see how your wildest dreams are turned into reality. Each greeting card you encounter is a special concept designed by our artists, each of them guided by great artistic passion, as well as the desire to stand out. Each card has a unique, unrepeatable design that leaves breathless the one to whom it is being given. 
  • Every greeting card is a story unto itself. Some of them expose existential thoughts, the issues that we think about every day. Others subtly speak of gentleness, but also of the passing of the moment. Like you can read in the pictures - nothing is permanent. Some of them are, however, even much more joyful. 
  • It's up to you to choose your story. You need to choose a card and what you want to tell with it. Be careful, that's not an easy task.
  • Each of these cards has its own meaning. But that meaning isn't defined. You have to find out what its telling you. 
  • That's beauty, isn't it? Don't worry, we will find something for every one of you. Come and see. Go through this adventure. You'll enjoy it and your recipient even more!